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New stairs - terrazzo

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  • Total price for order:
    from 490 CZK/m2.
  • Thickness:
    2 - 3 mm

Surface preparation:
blasting, grinding

Surface priming:
clear epoxy resin primer shaken with fine quartz sand

smooth or anti-slip (the anti-slip properties are gained by application of quartz sand shakes followed by grinding, which allows for a fine, medium and coarse floor surface finish, depending on the specific requirements).

Bearing layer:
For improved aesthetic and resistance properties the edges of the stairs are fitted with 6 mm wide aluminium, brass or steel protective strips fixed with adhesives. This is an epoxy plastic concrete layer applied in a thickness of approximately 12 to 15 mm (according to the grain size of the aggregates used). Following the initial curing this layer is milled to a thickness between 8 to 10 mm and subsequently polished so that the surface is made up by the structure of the aggregates used (granite, marble, terrazzo, glass, mother-of-pearl, etc.).

Base layer requirements:
The base layer must be dry, cohesive and clean, e.g. concrete, paving, anhydride, etc.

Final surface:
transparent, UV resistant epoxy coating, which is subsequently (after a curing period of min. 24 hours) sealed with a polyurethane hardfinish.

must not exceed 4%.

15 to 25 °C for application on a surface of similar temperature.

according to the RAL chart

A 2 - 3 mm thick layer stepping layer with high abrasion resistance, long service time and therefore a high utility value.

Application and curing:
surface priming 12 to 24 hours depending on the temperature, bearing layer 12 to 24 hours, walking surface in 24 to 48 hours, full load possible within 7 days.

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Information line
+420 601 270 021