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  • Where to use?
    commercial, residential and industrial spaces
  • Total price for order
    from 1000 CZK / m2
  • Thickness
    2 - 3 mm

Stonecarpet is a flooring technology, which can be used, with certain modifications, in both industrial environment and in other interiors, such as commercial spaces, as an interesting flooring alternative. The Stonecarpet technology can produce a smooth surface or an anti-slip finish with coloured sand with grain size of approx 1 mm, or a very interesting coarse surface made of a grit with grain size ranging from 2, 3 mm up.

The coarse finish made up of larger grain size materials provides excellent aesthetic value but requires special maintenance. Stonecarpet with fine grain aggregate creates a cast floor in a wide colour palette and endless combinations and at the same time offers easy maintenance and high damage resistance resulting in a long service life.

Surface preparation:
blasting, grinding

Surface priming:
clear epoxy resin primer shaken with fine quartz sand

smooth or anti-slip (the anti-slip properties are gained by application of quartz sand shakes followed by grinding, which allows for a fine, medium and coarse floor surface finish, depending on the specific requirements).

Bearing layer:
Epoxy plastic concrete screed of a thickness ranging from 3 to 6 mm, made combining quartz sands of various colours and grain sizes according to client requirements.

Final surface:
transparent, UV resistant epoxy coating, which is subsequently (after a curing period of min. 24 hours) sealed with a polyurethane hardfinish.

Base layer requirements:
The base layer must be dry, cohesive and clean, e.g. concrete, paving, anhydride, etc.

must not exceed 4%

Air temperature:
15 to 25 °C for application on a surface of similar temperature.

according to the RAL chart

A 2 - 3 mm thick layer stepping layer with high abrasion resistance, long service time and therefore a high utility value.

Application and curing:
surface priming 12 to 24 hours depending on the temperature, bearing layer 12 to 24 hours, walking surface in 24 to 48 hours, full load possible within 7 days.

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Information line
+420 601 270 021