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Coloured chips

  • Where to use?
    environment with increased aesthetic and load requirements
  • Total price for order
    from 1000 CZK / m2
  • Thickness
    2 - 3 mm

We recommend the coloured chip technology mainly for high traffic load environments which at the same time require increased aesthetic value of the interior This technology is ideal for civic amenities environment, such as schools, civil service buildings, hospitals, residence facilities for senior citizens, showrooms, etc.

Simply any space with a large number of people passing through, which calls for an aesthetically pleasing and at the same time durable and low-maintenance flooring with a long service life. The resin bonded coloured chip technology fits this description to the letter.

Surface preparation:
blasting, grinding

Surface priming:
methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin primer shaken with fine quartz sand

smooth or anti-slip (the anti-slip properties are gained by application of quartz sand shakes followed by grinding, which allows for a fine, medium and coarse floor surface finish, depending on the specific requirements).

Bearing layer:
dyed methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin with quartz sand aggregates, which must be shaken over PVA chips immediately after application. After initial setting the loose chips are removed, the surface is lightly ground and sealed with a double or triple layer of UV resistant methyl methacrylate coating.

Base layer requirements:
The base layer must be dry, cohesive and clean, e.g. concrete, paving, anhydride, etc.

must not exceed 4%

Air temperature:
15 to 25 °C for application on a surface of similar temperature.

according to the RAL chart

Application and curing:
surface priming 30 minutes, bearing layer 60 minutes, final sealing layer 30 minutes, full load possible in 3 hours

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Information line
+420 601 270 021